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Welcome to the Capital District Marine Aquarist's Society.  You may have ventured here to look at the beautiful pictures of our aquatic world, or you may already be an aquarist seeking help, advice or friendship.  This web site is intended to provide a place to educate, conserve and support for marine life and those interested in caring for it.  We welcome all levels of marine enthusiasts, from those who are still contemplating their first tank, experts, and all levels in between. 

Registration and Membership

Guests have very limited access to the resources on this site.  Registration for a limited access free membership is quick and simple and helps us to deter SPAM.  Paid membership makes all the resources of the site available.


The event area of our site, includes information on local demonstrations, meetings, educational forums and social events for members.  Some events have limits on participation so advanced registration is suggested even for those events that are free.  The calendar of events provides a quick highlight with detailed information available with a simple click.  Registration is simple and in those few events that have a charge for tickets, you can easily pay with paypal even if you do not have a paypal account.

The CDMAS Forum

Our forum is a great place to exchange ideas with others members, learn about the latest techniques and gadgets, and build friends who share your passion for marine life.  Many of the forums are open to guests, but to get the full benefit of our members experience and expertise, you will need to become a CDMAS member.  The forum has a number of specialty sub-sections for individuals to participate with others who share those interests.

Articles - Guides

Our members and contributors have created a collection of articles and guides to help build your knowledge of marine life and systems.  Anyone can contribute an article to our collection which becomes publicly accessible after review by our editorial panel.  Articles are intended to be scholarly pieces to help educate, conserve and or protect the fragile nature of marine and aquatic environments.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is where you can search to buy items available from members or sponsors.  You may also place ads in the marketplace to sell items that you no longer need.  Marketplace ads are organized by category so that you may view like items in one place.  Buyers can use the paypal link in an advertised item to directly pay the seller for the item if they accept paypal.  Additional seller options are available for a nominal fee.

User Resources

User resources include common things like control of your password and the ability to subscribe or renew full membership subscriptions.  User resources has a number of other benefits to help you to connect with others of similar interests:

     User Profile

The user profile is the place for you to share information about yourself and interests in the hobby so that others who share your passion and interests can connect.  Like many social media site, you have complete control over what you share, and who can view it.  The basic aspects of your user profile should include information on your background in the hobby, types of tanks that you may have, kinds of creatures maintained and equipment used to maintain them.  You can even link things contained in your user resources on CDMAS to Facebook, Linked In, Google, Microsoft Live, Twitter and other social media sites.  Your profile helps you to keep  track of your posts, articles, friends and other aspects of participation with CDMAS.


Every user with a paid membership subscription has the ability to create and maintain a gallery of images as well as control who has access to them.

     CDMAS Blog

Contained in your profile area, is access to create and maintain a personal blog on the CDMAS site.  Like all of the areas on our site, you have the ability to set access controls for who can participate and view your blog.

     CDMAS Mail

CDMAS Mail is available for members to privately communicate with each other as they share aspects of this hobby and utilize the CDMAS web site.


Our members, sponsors and contributors have submitted links which are related to various aspects of the aquatic hobby.  Please consider submitting your favorite links to assist other members.


 This menu option is used by sponsors for creating and maintaining their banners and statistics.  We hope that you will visit our sponsors pages and take advantages of the specials that they offer to our members.

CDMAS is proudly a member of MASNA

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Find out more about MASNA by Clicking here


The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) is the oldest marine aquarium conference in North America. Every year a club who is a member of the Marine Aquarium Society of America (MASNA) is chosen to host MACNA. Bidding is done the same way as the Olympics. Interested clubs submit a plan to MASNA telling them why they should be chosen as a host. The entire event is organized and operated by volunteers who are simply trying to help out their local club.

MACNA is a combination of several events. It is an educational symposium where people can attend lectures from industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists. It is also a trade show where hobbyists can buy the hottest new corals and see new cutting edge equipment Attendees can also give their feedback to manufacturers so they can continue to bring us the innovations we are looking for. And lastly it is a social event. Many speakers, vendors, and hobbyists come to socialize with each other. It gives people an opportunity to put faces with names they might see on a message board or email.


Welcome to CDMAS, please log in or create a user account to participate in more of the sites activities and resources. Free limited accounts will allow you to post and participate with our forums.

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