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Getting into aquariums and animals was meant to be. I am a product of two different worlds. My mother was born and raised in Yonkers new york, she was the child of a father from Sweden and mother from Germany. My father is a born and raised in the Philippines. And traveled the world as a boxing trainer. In the 70s he went on vacation in New York and met my mother. They dated and when he was ready to go back home he realized he ruined the relationship between my mother and her racist parents and decided to stay and get married.

January 9, 1983 I was born. January 19, 1983 my mother didn't wake up. She was in a comma suffering a major stroke, and 23 days later and 100+ hours of brain surgery my mother had woken up with her while right side paralyzed. After six months my mother was finally home. My father being from another world, didn't have much common American things to do with me. He couldn't throw a ball, swim or even ride a bike. But he still was able to teach me them all.

When I was about 4 we found our biggest interest as a father and son. Fish and reptiles. We had frogs, lizards, turtles and lots of different fish. I remember being 6 and breeding angel fish and giving 10 babies back to the store we bought the original 3 from.  At one point we must have had 20 aquariums set up. It was awesome.

We never did saltwater though it was too expensive. But when I was 16 my friend opened up a saltwater store and i worked there. And a week later I had my 1st saltwater tank. The store ended up closing and we ended up opening a wholesale that focused on saltwater. I help build 4 systems that were made up of 40 75g tanks. And then my love for saltwater hit an all time high. Eventually the store closed do to the owners making bad business decisions. And got a job at a local lps. 1 year later I was a manager. I ran the store for a couple years and moved on.

I thought I wanted to be a police officer until I realized my love for the food industry. And that's how I ended up in the capital.    I am currently an executive food director/ Chef and spend as much time as I can with my beautiful 3 children and wife as well as my aquarium.  My biggest love is DIY. especially when I am doubted. It's gives me a chance to be creative and build things which I love to do.


Todd is a licensed mechanical engineer in several states and is employed by the largest mechanical contractor in the capital district. As a mechanical engineer Todd’s experience with pumping and piping systems is extensive. He has been a member of CDMAS since the Reef Central days…. that’s correct the forum was originally a thread on the Reef Central site. Todd lives in Middle Grove with his wife Tracey, their two boys Tyler and Ben, and their golden retriever Gracie. 

Fish have always been a passion for Todd, both keeping them in aquariums and coaxing them onto the end of a line. Since the mid 80’s there has always been an aquarium (or three) in Todd’s care. Like most it started with freshwater and advanced to saltwater. His first saltwater tank, a 55, was set-up in the early 90’s. Current tanks include a 120 reef-ready mostly SPS mixed reef, a 150 non-reef ready mixed reef and a 45 gallon DIY bar. The fishing passion is stronger than ever for Todd. He has a 20 foot Trophy walk-around boat and spends as much time as possible on it fishing for everything from striped bass to northern pike to salmon. Todd also spends at least one day a year on a charter boat out of Gloucester, Massachusetts (yes the same marina as the guys from Wicked Tuna). 

As a moderator Todd is on the site quite a bit and he is always willing to offer advice regarding set-ups and/or equipment selections. Feel free to contact him via post or PM with whatever questions you may have.


I am a artist in many ways.  I not only draw, paint and airbrush, But I am also a Digital artist.  Playing with graphic animation and art is now one of my favorite things to do along with producing and writing my own music "Hip-Hop" and of course the love for the aquarium hobby.

Born June 30, 1982. I was the youngest of two children my mother had.  Growing up I always had a love for animals. Had my first fish tank when I was 4.  Ended up with a ten gallon tank and 2 pairs of convicts that eventually turn into a couple hundred which made my love really take off for the hobby.  

I moved to Florida with my father after my parents got divorced when I was 12. Immediately, I started hanging around the local fish store. With in 2 months of hanging there after school just learning, the owner asked if I was gonna hang around to start cleaning tanks and he would give me free fish. This is where it got out of control for me. Lol. I went from a 10 gallon to a 20 and a 30 then a 55 then a 75 and finally a 125 gallon African Cichlid tank with in a matter of a year. Started my first saltwater tank when I was 13. On and off between African Cichlids and saltwater reefs almost on a 6 month basis. I then got my 300 gallon 8 foot a acrylic tank that I kept large south American Cichlids in.

I Moved back to New York when I was 23.  Just in time to spend the last year with my mother as she passed away in 2005.  January 2006 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Turning my life over to god and praying that I get to live every day I wake up.  Going through 6 months of chemotherapy and a month and half of radiation, I have now been in remission ever since. During the treatments I was told I would be sterile and never be able to have kids. November 23, 2009 I was blessed with an angel, my son Landyn was born.

Through all the hard times I always turned to my pets and especially my fish tanks for the love and stress relief I needed.  Now this day I have a 325 gallon reef system that is my pride and joy of this hobby.  Of course till I get something bigger.


I first stared this hobby back in 1985 with my family's Oscar tank which we kept in a 125g tank. It changed the falling year to a 150 fish only saltwater tank. Where I helped take care of a Fnowflake Eel and a Lionfish till I was about 10 and we moved back up to NYS from MD. We only brought the tank with us for this move. Soon after getting settled from moving in to our new home we set the tank up and is where I first started to go to Eddies Aquarium. The first time there I got my firsts tank A 55g that was set up for a pair of clown fish. Which I kept up until I was 15. From there I dropped out of the hobby for a few years because of some family issues but got back in to it when I was 18 with a small 29g cichlid tank. Again I dropped my passion for some family issues that lasted till 2001 at this point I set up a brackish water tank for Green Spotted Puffer-fish that I kept for 2 years and sold to go to Hawaii where the ocean was my tank. Though when I was there some friends I made at Sea Life Park started to teach me more about what they know of the hobby I love, from when looking at there tanks and asking questions. They turned me on to some books. Which they made me start a species tank by doing so (Crabs, Snails and urchins). But after almost a year in Hawaii I returned to the mainland for my mom as she was dealing with cancer, and did not want to lose another person in my family while I was away. From this point I did not have a tank till 2009 where I started off with a 20h mixed reef the year after 32 bowfront mixed reef to the 36g cube,to joining CDMAS learning more and more every day and this past Fall going to the 90+ I have today along with the coral farm I'm starting this spring.



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