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Melissa Melissa is a full time fourth grade teacher at a local public school district. She lives in Ballston Lake with her husband, cat, turtle and multiple aquariums. She has been a member of CDMAS for two years and is in her second year of serving as Vice President. 

As a teacher she is actively involved in teacher coaching, curriculum leadership in social studies grades K-4, and union representation. Her pet project is co-chair to the award winning Community Service Program; something she firmly believes in as a way to change the world, one child at a time.

Melissa's hobby experience includes 20 years experience with freshwater and 7 years saltwater. She currently has a 55 gallon freshwater community tank with clown loaches. Her saltwater systems include a 75 gallon sump/160 gallon slow feeder mixed reef tank. Her current build project is a 40 gallon sump/80 gallon coral grow out tank. She is fascinated by gobies, pipefish and dragonettes. Ultimately, Melissa encourages all to find their passion in life and live life to its fullest potential. "You'll never know your true capabilities without risk. Face challenges head on and don't be afraid to make a splash!" 


 Who am I?
Good question, I've spent most of my life trying to figure that out. 

I'm Married with 3 children, and blessed with a wife who tolerates my obsession with this hobby. I've been keeping something in water for as long as I can remember. And I've always had a strange fascination with the water end everything about it. I spent 6 years of my life as a nuclear water chemist in a steel tube called a submarine, the USS Ohio to be exact. Then, I spent 6 years doing HVAC and mechanical maintenance at a printing company in Saratoga Springs. Now I pay the bills as an engineer at a building automation company in Ballston Spa. If you can see how those dots connect, please tell me, because I have no idea. But I like what I’m doing now, so I suppose it's the result that matters, not how I got here, right?

I currently have 2 salty tanks and 2 fresh tanks. I have a 3 gallon homemade planted tank on my desk at work for shrimp. I also have a 37 gallon cichlid tank, full of fish that won't stop breeding. On the salt side, I have a 29 gallon biocube with a dwarf fuzzy lion, and a 33 long mixed reef that's become my little programming project. I have the tank pretty much fully automated, and the controller is a recycled HVAC controller that I wrote new programs for and wired up everything. It works great, but it's a little....... Unconventional.

I'm on the site pretty much every day, and my PM box is always open. Thank you for being a part of CDMAS, it's the members that make us what we are!



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