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Info for Phytoplankton Culturing

Written by michaelg
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The f2 media is the nutrients to grow the phyto.  Some people use miracle grow, but this stuff isn't that expensive when the right stuff is found (Kent brand which only aquaticecosystems sells- custom made for them).

  $12 will grow about a hundred gallons of the stuff I would guess!

Wilkersons clownfish book has some good info.  but web resources are:
Frank Marini's articles
Rob Toonen's article- well referenced and detailed
There was another article on reefkeeping magazine but it doesn't come up on google.  It had a compact station with lights in the middle and bottles on both sides.  I used to have something like it.... 

I culture at 1.020, room temperature, with a 24x7 photo period with 2 24" NO plant bulbs.  I usually only have 2 bottles going at a time.  I find doing more than that too much work and I've not had problems with cultures crashing out.  I usually use algae disks to start the cultures, or some fresh stuff that you can find on e-bay pretty cheap.  The last batch I just used a capful of fresh DT's.  One of the strains obviously outcompeted the others by this time.  I use either used juice bottles or 2 L soda bottles (clear) when they get gunky, I just throw them out (after taking some of the culture to start a new bottle).  I feed half a bottle of dense culture between all the tanks every other day roughly.  Was a bit less in the winter as the colder temp had the cultures growing slower.

A fun page for phyto:

All about phyto from wikipedia

Another store with a bunch of live goodies

the other 2 main ones are and

The bible of plankton culturing if you really want to get serious (no I don't own a copy)

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