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An Airstone Bubble Trap

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Presented by Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines
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  For those who do not have a sump or any other efficient means of providing aeration , as is the case with most smaller tanks, I have found that using an air stone is the best way to accomplish that task. Of course in saltwater, those bubbles tend to be very small and end up all over the tank making it unbearable to watch. If only there was some way to keep all the bubbles trapped. Well, I have found that by siliconing two pieces of plexiglass into a corner and scavenging an uplift tube from an undergravel filter or using any suitably sized rigid tube, it is fairly easy to keep all the bubbles trapped. 
  As you can see in the illustration, it is a fairly easy thing to create. A few tips to make it actually work properly though: 

- Silicone all areas to ensure a tight seal, this will prevent any bubbles from escaping into the water column as well as preventing water and salt creep coming out from under the lid. 

- Ensure the plexiglass extends down under water at least 3 inches to prevent any bubbles getting out from under it. 

- Allow the silicone to dry at least over night to ensure it does not fall apart when you insert the airline through the hole you drilled through the top of it. 

- If you find that bubbles are still getting out from under the trap, simply lower the amount of air being sent to the air stone. 

- Since an air tight seal all the way around the top of the trap will prevent any air from being released, you will need to drill a small hole in the front of the trap to allow air to escape, if not the air pressure will force its way out of the top airline hole along with a bit of moisture which can collect and allow water to escape. 

In action with my "Pet Rock" Desk Tank 

Used by permission.  Many thanks to Charlies and Linda Raabe for their support.

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