Mollusca (2)

  1. The molluscs or mollusks compose the large phylum of invertebrate animals known as the Mollusca. Around 85,000 extant species of molluscs are recognized. Molluscs are the largest marine phylum, comprising about 23% of all the named marine organisms. Wikipedia
Monday, 16 February 2015 14:25

Clam Care & Biology

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Presented by Charles & Linda RaabeMactan Island, The Philippines© 2008 All Rights Reserved   As great looking as some clams can be, they also seem to be a difficult species for new hobbyists to maintain. I believe this is greatly due to the poor water quality that most new tanks encounter. Such water quality issues are also compounded by the fact that many hobbyists believe that the clams must be fed small particulate foods. That…
Monday, 16 February 2015 18:17

The Snails

Written by Charles Raabe
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Presented by Charles & Linda RaabeMactan Island, The Philippines© 2010 All Rights Reserved     When deciding upon snail species to add to our aquariums, I have found through observing where the various species are found in nature that we should consider the habitat that we are creating within our aquariums. There are a great many species of snails that are not found in the rocky habitat that most reefs and our aquariums are. As…


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