Saltwater Fish (2)

General information and articles on marine fish including selection and identification.

Monday, 16 February 2015 21:34

Marine Fish

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  Presented by Charles & Linda RaabeMactan Island, The Philippines© 2008 All Rights Reserved      With the vast variety and just sheer beauty of tropical marine fish available, it can be overwhelming on making a decision as to what species are to be kept. In a fish only system, the options are truly staggering which sadly, leads to many fish mortalitys when we do not understand the needs and compatablity of the various fish…
Monday, 16 February 2015 21:37


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SeahorsesPresented by Charles & Linda RaabeMactan Island, The Philippines© 2008 All Rights Reserved    The beautiful colored seahorses belong to the most magnificent and most remarkable organisms of the seas. Actually a seahorse is a fish, but a very strange looking fish. There are about 35 different species of seahorses spread all over the world, but only a small spectrum of this variety is frequently imported for aquarist purposes. While the smallest species, the dwarf…


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