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A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Reefs - Anemone Featured

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hitchanemonebannerBy Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines



 I have yet to find a hitch hiking anemone that was not considered to be either a pest or dangerous to fish, most always any desirable anemone are in our tanks because we placed them there. But in the off chance that you got lucky in getting a free desirable anemone with your live rock, it is always best to identify it before making any decisions as to its fate. 




   aptasia   colonial   
           Aiptasia Anemone                       Colonial Anemone                   
                                                             ( Parazoanthus )
    hitchanemone   hitchanemone1   hitchanemone2               Lebrunia sp. ( antler anemone)   6mm across from tip to tip. The appendages are modified "acorhagi"

    cerianthid   cerianthid1   cerianthid2              A Cerianthid species - creates a tube deep into the sand which it retreats into during daylight.
   boloceroides   boloceroides1   boloceroides2           Boloceroides spp. -  Known to actively swim through rapid contractions causing a propelling twisting motion.

   hitchanemone3   hitchanemone4   hitchanemone5           An unknown near-microscopic species, possibly a juvenile of the above Boloceroides species

   colonial1   hitchtubeanemone    anemonehitch
                  Colonial Anemone                  An unknown tube anemone species                Actinostephanus Sp.

   majano1   majano
                                             Majano Anemone

   nynantheae   nynanthea1   nynanthea2
          Nynantheae Anemone                         A member of the Edwardsiidae  (Photos by Nick Page)

   bunodosoma   bunodosoma1   
A Bunodosoma species


Used by permission.  Many thanks to Charlies and Linda Raabe for their support.


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