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A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Reefs - Corals / Polyps Featured

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hitchcoralsbannerBy Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines

© 2009  All Rights Reserved


  As with the numerous other types of life that can be found on and within live rock, it is also common to find various polyps and corals as well, some obvious and easily indentified while others can leave you standing there scratching your head. The abundance and variety of life is truly amazing. 

  wormzoanthid   wormzoanthid1   wormzoanthid2                                                      <----     Isaurus tuberculatus  (zoanthid)    ---->

  Pseudocorynactis   hardcoralhitch   hitchcoral              Pseudocorynactis                              Photosynthetic Hard Coral                        A juvenile Pavona spp.

  poriteshitch   hardcoralhitch1   hardcoralhitch2          Encrusting Porites Coral                        A small coralliamorph                              Another Hard coral 

  zoanthidsingle   hitchcoral1   hitchcoral2         A solitary Zoanthid species                      A Porites recruit having settled on the side of the aquarium


Used by permission.  Many thanks to Charlies and Linda Raabe for their support.

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