Welcome Mat 602 topics

This is the CDMAS welcome mat. In this section you will find a place for site and organization announcements (Announcements); information on public events sponsored by CDMAS (Events); a place for new visitors to introduce themselves (Introduce Yourself); and a place to post suggestions for the site or CDMAS as an organization.

Announcements 231 topics

In this category you will find general announcements about this web site, upcoming events or about CDMAS as an organization.

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Re: Slowdown in posting
by allenjj
1 day 2 hours ago

Events (Public) 44 topics

Meetings, Holiday Parties, Tank Build or Completion Parties, DIY Parties, etc. (See the Members side for Group Trips and other private events) Post your ideas for events and activities to the committe here :)

A place for new visitors to introduce themselves. Please post some information about your experience in the hobby, equipment you may have, favorite fish or corals, and size of tank or tanks.

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Re: Need help with plumbing
by Phil Hartin
9 hours 24 minutes ago

Suggestion Box 10 topics

This is the category to make and discuss suggestions for the organization, meetings, events, web site or forums. We hope to hear your best ideas.

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Fox face
by oldtimer
1 year 7 months ago

Salt Water Environments and Tanks 2375 topics

The section is devoted to discussions related to salt water environments including keeping salt water or marine aquariums and creatures.
This category is for general discussions related to marine reef life or general reef keeping discussions. Please share your thoughts, questions and information.

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What is your patience level?
by allenjj
2 weeks 6 days ago

Nano Systems 63 topics

This category is dedicated for the keeping nano tanks. Please share information about your nano tanks and experiences.

This category is for discussions regarding the keeping of agressive fish only tanks. Please share your experiences, thoughts and questions regarding aggressive fish.

This category is dedicated to discussions regarding large aquarium systems bigger than 100 gallons. Please share your information, thoughts and questions regarding the keeping of large marine aquarium systems.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank 393 Gallon ...
by allenjj
5 months 3 weeks ago

Tank Photos 324 topics

This category is the place to show off your aquatic tanks. You can also appreciate others tanks and the environments that they have created.

Equipment 770 topics

This category is the place for discussions of aquatic keeping equipment including lighting, pumps, heaters and any other type of equipment that you might imagine. Share your experiences with the equipment that you use so that others might benefit from your experiences. Feel free to post your questions regarding equipment as well so that others may help providing feedback.

This is the category to discuss and share information about water quality and chemistry.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

DIY 191 topics

This is the category for "Do It Yourself Projects." Feel free to share your best ideas, designs and experiences or ask others their thoughts.

Wanted 257 topics

This category is the place to post requests for equipment or corals you are looking for.

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Looking to trade
by aaronsink12306
1 year 2 months ago

Marine Creatures 876 topics

This forum category contains forums on the variety of marine creatures including fish, invertebrates, corals and the husbandry associated with them.

Corals 124 topics

This category is for discussions related to corals and coral keeping. Please feel free to share your favorite corals and any tips that you may have in selecting and keeping them happy.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
This category is for postings related to marine fish and fishkeeping.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
This category is for posts related to shrimp, crabs, squid and octopus (essentially invertebrates other than corals and jellyfish. Please feel free to share your experiences with these creatures and to ask others questions related to their keeping of invertebrates.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

Jellyfish 36 topics

This is the category to post and discuss the care, breeding and maintenance of jellyfish and their habitats.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
This is the category to discuss the health, diagnosis and treating illness in marine livestock.

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Spotlight on Triton Core7 Reef ...
by allenjj
4 months 19 hours ago
This is the category to discuss and share information on the breeding and propagation of Fish, Corals, and Inverts. *Please note that this area may contain scientific information that may be inappropriate for younger viewers, so parental discretion is advised.

Fresh Water Forum 54 topics

This section contains forums associated with fresh water creatures and systems.
A place to talk about Fresh water related items.

For those of you interested in Ponds and watergardens

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HOW TO: winterize a koi pond
by allenjj
2 years 5 months ago

Education Forum 40 topics

This category provides information for for students and educators to use for classroom and educational discussions.
This forum section is for public education discussions. Other categories in this section are closed and only open to teachers or students.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

Aqua Labs 19 topics

Aqua Labs is the section with forums that showcase our school projects to develop and support educators activities using the Aqua Lab model to educate young people about marine life and environments.
This forum highlights the Coxsackie Elementary School Aqua Lab programs.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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Aqua Lab Student
by allenjj
1 year 6 months ago
This forum is to highlight the Bellevue High School Aqua Lab programs.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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Welcome to Aqua Labs Eddie's
by Goby1Melissa
3 years 6 months ago
This forum is to highlight the Berlin HIgh School Aqua Lab programs.

Moderators: xian, cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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Re: Elasmobranch Hatching
by spelletier118
3 years 3 weeks ago
This forum is to highlight the Abram Lansing Elementary School Aqua Lab programs.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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Re: Welcome
by Crusty
2 years 10 months ago

Marine Conservation Forum 222 topics

This category is to share information related to marine conservation or conservation activities. Those of us at CDMAS would like our marine environments and species to be available for generations to come to enjoy. Please feel free to share information, suggestions, questions and activities related to marine conservation.
This category is for general discussions related to marine conservation and marine conservation activities. Please share your thoughts and ideas and help us save the oceans.

This category is focused on discussions related to marine sanctuaries. The United States as well as other nations have established marine sanctuaries to protect and preserve specific marine habitats. This is the forum area to share information on those areas and activities within them.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

Other Interests Forum 125 topics

This is the category to share information that doesn't directly fit in our other categories.

Off Topic 115 topics

This category is for sharing information that is off topic to other marine or aquarium discussions.

Photography 10 topics

This category is to shave information about photographing marine and aquarium creatures and environments. Please feel free to share information on cameras, equipment and techniques.

Sponsors 260 topics

This section includes categories for each of the CDMAS sponsors. Each forum is supported by the sponsor where they can post notices about new products, specials, or assist individuals with specific issues. Please feel free to share your thoughts with them or ask about their product details.
iF you have questions ro comments for an individual sponsor please use that sponsors thread.

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65w pc 50/50 bulbs. Brand new.
by oldtimer
2 years 5 months ago

Air, Water Ice 47 topics

Aquarium Water Purification for Reefkeepers. Products and answers for your water treatment needs. www.airwaterice.com

For information only Bulk Reef supply does not respond to threads here.

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Re: Reefkeeper Controller
by uny2bld
6 years 1 month ago
"Eddie's Aquarium Centre is commited to selling products that we have tested and continue to use ourselves in the husbandry of our own aquatic animals. We offer every product you need to maintain your aquarium or pond. Our staff of aquatic specialists are continually schooled on the latest information and technology in aquarium and pond keeping." eddiesaqua.com/ "

Something Fishy 19 topics

Something Fishy is a locally owned and operated store that has been providing fresh and saltwater enthusiasts with livestock, supplies, and expertise for almost 30 years.

Jellyfish Art 7 topics

We sell pet Jellyfish.And everything you need to enjoy them.

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Daily Feeding
by allenjj
2 years 6 months ago
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