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allenjj created the topic: Let’s talk about moving a tank
From our friend Marc Levenson at Melevsreef ( )

Let’s talk about moving a tank

It's all about preparation. Having time to move everything successfully is best if you can set up the new tank at the destination in advance. This video is full of tips that should be factored in before you start the process. You will need muscle, will-power, a lot of luck, moving gear, barrels, air pumps, heaters, powerheads, thermometers, power inverters, coolers, dollies, ratcheting straps, suction cups, and tons of fresh saltwater at both ends. This video should really cover all those points and more, and I wish you success in getting your aquarium running with minimal losses. This is part 1 of 2 since the stream froze and I restarted.


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