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Marine Creatures

This forum category contains forums on the variety of marine creatures including fish, invertebrates, corals and the husbandry associated with them.
This category is for discussions related to corals and coral keeping. Please feel free to share your favorite corals and any tips that you may have in selecting and keeping them happy.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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This category is for postings related to marine fish and fishkeeping.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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This category is for posts related to shrimp, crabs, squid and octopus (essentially invertebrates other than corals and jellyfish. Please feel free to share your experiences with these creatures and to ask others questions related to their keeping of invertebrates.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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You'll LOVE This Sea Urchin
by allenjj
7 months 5 days ago
This is the category to post and discuss the care, breeding and maintenance of jellyfish and their habitats.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81
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This is the category to discuss the health, diagnosis and treating illness in marine livestock.

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This is the category to discuss and share information on the breeding and propagation of Fish, Corals, and Inverts. *Please note that this area may contain scientific information that may be inappropriate for younger viewers, so parental discretion is advised.

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