Salt Water Environments and Tanks 2363 topics

The section is devoted to discussions related to salt water environments including keeping salt water or marine aquariums and creatures.
This category is for general discussions related to marine reef life or general reef keeping discussions. Please share your thoughts, questions and information.

Nano Systems 63 topics

This category is dedicated for the keeping nano tanks. Please share information about your nano tanks and experiences.

This category is for discussions regarding the keeping of agressive fish only tanks. Please share your experiences, thoughts and questions regarding aggressive fish.

This category is dedicated to discussions regarding large aquarium systems bigger than 100 gallons. Please share your information, thoughts and questions regarding the keeping of large marine aquarium systems.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank 393 Gallon ...
by allenjj
4 months 2 weeks ago

Tank Photos 324 topics

This category is the place to show off your aquatic tanks. You can also appreciate others tanks and the environments that they have created.

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Re: Upgrades to the BEAST - Apex
by allenjj
6 days 11 hours ago

Equipment 762 topics

This category is the place for discussions of aquatic keeping equipment including lighting, pumps, heaters and any other type of equipment that you might imagine. Share your experiences with the equipment that you use so that others might benefit from your experiences. Feel free to post your questions regarding equipment as well so that others may help providing feedback.

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ULM Tank Trials Ep-13: Flow fo ...
by allenjj
16 hours 16 minutes ago
This is the category to discuss and share information about water quality and chemistry.

Moderators: cdmasclo, Goby1Melissa, link81

DIY 191 topics

This is the category for "Do It Yourself Projects." Feel free to share your best ideas, designs and experiences or ask others their thoughts.

Wanted 257 topics

This category is the place to post requests for equipment or corals you are looking for.

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Looking to trade
by aaronsink12306
1 year 1 month ago
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