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1 week 1 day ago #92800 by allenjj
allenjj created the topic: Upgrades to the BEAST - Apex
As many of you may know, my big tank I have nicknamed the Beast. It is a 450 gallon display tank with a 125 gallon sump, 40 gallon fuge, 35 gallon updraft protein skimmer. I have had an apex controller running the system since it was first set up. This weekend I started updating the Apex components after buying the new Apex control module. My reason for upgrading is not that the old system failed (amazing as it is almost 13 years old), but that Apex has announced a soon to be released water testing system that will automate several more functions and is not compatible with the classic apex controller. So here is the beginning of the upgrade journey.

A before picture of the primary control module and upstairs power head. Note the tangle of wires that I also hope to tame with this upgrade.

The new controller before it was unpacked.

The initial upgrade of the controller and the power module. The new power module design appears much more solid and water resistant, in addition to the new features it adds. Tonight I will be strapping wipes to clean up some of the tangle mess.


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6 days 11 hours ago #92806 by allenjj
allenjj replied the topic: Upgrades to the BEAST - Apex
Still looks pretty messy in the picture, but haven't finished adding the cable ties to clean up the wire mess.


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