Florida Aqua Farms Inc. (FAF) founded in October 1984, is basically considered a manufacturing entity.  We are unique among aquaculture suppliers since the original founders, Frank Hoff, William Hoff and Terry Snell have been directly involved in aquatic research, applied aquaculture and the aquarium industry since 1966. Coupled with our past expertise is our continued involvement in research and consulting within the aquaculture community. Current and past endeavors include; new product development, culturing micro and macroalgae, zooplankton culture, spawning and rearing freshwater discus and angelfish, saltwater clownfish, pompano, seabass and numerous other aquatic animals. Florida Aqua Farms Inc. continuously researches, formulates, updates and manufactures products found in this catalogue. Of considerable importance to you is the fact that the owners of Florida Aqua Farms use or have used most products found in this catalogue in their current or previous facilities. Using our product line allows us to make modifications and changes that benefit our customers.

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